Jockey Challenge: J Moreira (Spelkonto Hong Kong)
J Moreira 1.55 – Z Purton 3.65 – K Teetan 7.00

Poängskala: 12-6-4
1a J Moreira (42) – Z Purton (32) – K Teetan (32)

Tidningstips (utvalt): Hong Kong
06:45: So Awesome (2a / 2.60)





GALOPP: Newmarket Grp1/2/3/3/3 (ATG / York?)

GALOPP: Newmarket Grp1/3/3/3

Jockey Challenge: X (Spelkonto Hong Kong)

Tidningstips (utvalt): Hong Kong

GALOPP: Curragh Grp3


Vill någon läsa tidningstips till ovanstående galopptävlingsdagar så är ni välkomna till min blogg.


Fortsätter att gå trögt på galoppen och är nu nere på minus 0.40 enheter

-0,40 )( 034 – 013 – 021 )
England + 2,70 )( 014 – 005 – 009 )( 036% )( Medelodds: 3,44 )
Irland -3,10 )( 007 – 002 – 005 )( 029% )( Medelodds: 2,81 )
Frankrike + 1,10 )( 007 – 004 – 003 )( 057% )( Medelodds: 2,16 )
Dubai +0,50 )( 002 – 001 – 001 )( 050% )( Medelodds: 4,00 )
USA -1,60 )( 004 – 001 – 003 )( 025% )( Medelodds: 3,05 )

Irland brukar vara minus så det är hög tid att lösa det på något sätt till nästa år. Stona brukar alltid visa minus resultat, nästan oavsett land…


Slutet börjar närmar sig för denna slätloppssäsong.

Vi har Ascot festivalen 17 oktober (om) det nu kan tävlas där, banan var översvämmad förra veckan…

I USA så har vi Breeders Cup 6 och 7 november.



Every punter with a shred of self-awareness will know the feeling. That gnawing in the pit of the stomach as the latest well-founded wager crumbles to dust. The fear that the good days have amounted to nothing and the bad ones are here to stay. The mocking laughter of the betting gods and the solidifying belief that the next winner won’t arrive until hell has frozen over.

For most of us, although it happens more often than we might like, the bad run isn’t life-changing; a brief drawing in of the horns and we can resume the unequal struggle on payday. But what if there was no payday? What if winners were a sole source of income rather than an optimistic funding mechanism for life’s little luxuries? What then?

For the professional punter, the despair is multiplied tenfold and has the potential to end in the poor house. When getting it right is about putting food on the table, the stakes are raised to the level of a circus high-wire and there’s no safety net.

Mark Holder has been there many times and he hasn’t enjoyed it one bit. “I’ve had a run of 33 consecutive losers,” he recalls without so much as a retrospective shudder. “It doesn’t seem bad looking back, but at the time it was hideous and I was robotic, I just got up and worked, because there was no alternative.